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By Yuliya Kovelman


If you are looking for a tranquil and enchanting warm weather and English speaking destination to host your dream destination wedding, Jamaica is the perfect option.

With unending beaches, alluring tropical backdrops, luxurious all-inclusive resorts, elegant plantation type great houses, intimate churches, an exciting culture and straightforward legal requirements, Jamaica should surely be on the agenda for your destination wedding. We will explore the destination in more detail.

One of the most instructive reasons to make Jamaica the location for your destination wedding is the fact that the official language of the Island is English. This makes it easy to communicate throughout the planning process and allows for a seamless execution of your wedding since there is no barrier to communication between bride and wedding coordinator.

Jamaica is also one of the easiest places to have a legal wedding in the world, since you are only required to be on the Island for twenty fours before you can get married. You will, however, be required to submit your documents ahead of time, so that your wedding coordinator can apply for your marriage license and have it ready for you when you arrive on the Island. The documents required include: notarized copies of your birth certificates, notarized copy of divorce decrees and notarized copies of name change documents if you have done any legal name change. You can essentially get married on the second day of your trip and enjoy the rest of time as your honeymoon!

Also, destination Jamaica is credited as the pioneer of the all-inclusive hotel concept and have also perfected the craft of the free destination wedding. If you book a certain number of nights at one of the all-inclusive resorts, you will get a complimentary wedding. The complimentary wedding includes: the services of the official, the wedding location, a wedding coordinator, a cocktail reception for a small number of people and a wedding cake. This complimentary wedding option is particularly appealing to couples that want a small no-frills wedding and to budget-conscious couples. You can also have your large dream wedding at these all-inclusive resorts as well, you will just share your vision with your knowledgeable wedding coordinator, and they will bring it to life! Jamaica is one of the leading countries for destination weddings in part due to the flexibility that is afforded to couples to customise and personalize their weddings.

Also, Jamaica is home to over 700 miles of white and gold sand coastlines. The island also has scenic waterfalls, romantic oceanside great houses, and intimate churches, providing you with the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding – whether you want a traditional church wedding or a beach wedding with the ocean as your backdrop, this is all possible in beautiful Jamaica! You can also enjoy romantic adventures such as horseback swims and zipline and bobsledding through tropical rainforests, adding more allure to your destination wedding experience. The all-inclusive resorts also include top-quality spas, that provides world-class spa experiences – there are soothing treatment options for the bride and groom, which is great for bonding and settling wedding jitters. The ladies in the wedding party can also book a spa day to pamper themselves and to get some time away from the gentlemen!

Destination Jamaica also provides you with exciting entertainment options for your wedding group. You can book a catamaran boat cruise for yourself and your guests, this cruise includes all the alcoholic beverages and delectable dining options that you require. There is also non-stop pulsating reggae music providing an unprecedented level of fun that’s hard to match anywhere else in the world. A catamaran cruise is a great way of bringing your guests together, and they will enjoy every moment of it, this is a highly recommended option for wedding groups in Jamaica.

Finally, Jamaica ticks the box in practically all the important areas that are considered for a destination wedding, whether it is the scenic wedding locations, ease of getting married, all-inclusive resorts or entertainment options for guests, Jamaica has it all. So, go ahead and book your destination wedding in Jamaica, you will be talking about the experience for a lifetime!

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