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The Honeymooner suitcase: packing essentials not to forget


honeymoon suite case

Let’s face it. You’re excited to be going on your honeymoon, and rightfully so, but in all the commotion it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to forget something. That’s why we’ve created the honeymooner suitcase: a list of packing essentials that you shouldn’t forget:

First of all, what you pack will depend on where you are going. Warm or cold? For example, if you’re like many honeymooners, you’re heading off to a warm destination where you can relax on a beach and feel the toes in your sand as you take nice romantic strolls. Of course, if you’re going to ski in Colorado or in the Swiss Alps, your list is going to look drastically different and include ski boots instead of flip flops and a heavy winter jacket instead of a bikini.

So let’s start at your feet. A honeymoon is about more than just afternoon delights. It’s a trip that the two of you spend together and explore the destination, creating memories of your first married days. That might mean you need sandals for the beach or, as we said, sturdy hiking boots for an excursion off the island. Are you going to dance the night away? Then you might want to bring a fancy pair of dancing shoes.

Speaking of excursions, what do you have planned for your honeymoon? Are you swimming with the dolphins? Going ice fishing? Are you going on a culinary experience? What will you need for those excursions? Make sure you pack what your resort doesn’t supply you with.

Next, think about the weather. Even the warmest of destinations suffer from cool nights and rain storms, so you will want to bring something for when there is a chill in the air. Pack a waterproof jacket as well. Speaking of the weather, warm destinations bring out the buggies, so you will want to protect yourself from any bites. Can you imagine a honeymoon sidelined by mosquito bites? Or by a bad sunburn? Remember, you can’t bring liquid on a plane, but there are sunscreen wipes available.

Now, it is your honeymoon, so make sure that you bring what’s special to both of you – that might mean a special nightie, some toys to play with and perhaps, if you do not want to be a parent too soon, perhaps some birth control.


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