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Your Must Do`s on Romantic Vacation in Costa Rica



Costa Rica might be as big as the US state of West Virginia, but it is home to hundreds of rare species. This huge biodiversity is seen in the presence of no fewer than 200 mammals and 850 bird species. Costa Rica is known as one of the world’s greenest destinations with huge tracts of untouched rainforest housing spectacular trees and buzzing with stunning wildlife. Really, who wouldn’t want to visit Costa Rica? If you are a lover of nature (birds, animals, plants, golden sandy beaches, etc.) Costa Rica is a place for you.

But there is more to Costa Rica than just adventure. Here are a few things to include in your to-do list while visiting.

#1. Visit Arenal Volcano


It’s almost impossible to start the list with anything other than one of the world’s most active volcano. Standing at over 5,000 feet high, Arenal volcano offers you a light performance to rival the best night-time fireworks you have witnessed. Arenal volcano offers you a unique chance of observing unobstructed a radiant lava river or a towering thick fog from an ideal Observatory Lodge. Interestingly, this is just one of five volcanoes sitting in Costa Rica.

#2. Take a tour of Corcovado National Park


About 11,000 acres of misty rain forest have been cordoned off to form the area now known as Corcovado National Park. Buzzing with insects, mammals, wildlife, and birds of stunningly diverse species, this is surely a place to visit if you have a sense of adventure. Ocelots, cougars, green tree frogs, and towering forest canopy are just a few of what makes this Park tick. Break from your guided hike and rest by the warm beach when tired.

#3. Sunset Water Cruise


Did I mention that Costa Rica is lined on its borders by both the Pacific and the Caribbean? Well, you probably did know that already. So, if you are here for some romance, why not take a romantic sunset cruise up and down the Pacific coast. Relaxing and romantic with plenty of snacks and drinks, and, of course, snorkeling.

#4. Explore the Beaches


From the Caribbean coasts to the Pacific coasts, there is no shortage of beaches available in Costa Rica. With plenty comes freedom, too. No beach is ever so full you can’t find a cool spot to lay as you watch the sun and explore your environment. Don’t feel like lying dormant, beaches are so close you can hop from one to the other. What beach do you prefer? White sand? Blue waters? Turquoise waters? Whatever your preference, it’s sure to be available.

#5. Ride a SkyTram

sky tram

Don’t have a heart for hiking, but still want to explore the gorgeous rainforests of Costa Rica? No problem! You can ride a sky tram through the forest enjoying stunning views along the way. Birds, monkeys, wildlife, stunning flowers and rare plants, nature lovers are sure to enjoy this ride.

#6. Mystery


The wonders of Costa Rica are far from complete without some mystery. Ever heard of the mysterious stone spheres? Intriguing and surprising, the site is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

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