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What you need to pack for a warm honeymoon destination


Congratulations, you just got married and now it’s time to head off on your honeymoon. With so much excitement going on, you’ll want to get to your honeymoon as soon as possible. There’s always a chance that you might forget something, so we created a list of things you should pack for a warm honeymoon destination:

Pack comfortable shoes: Whether you’re hiking, taking a romantic stroll on the beach or dancing the night away, you want your shoes to be comfortable. The last thing you need to ruin your honeymoon are blisters on your feet and achy heels.

Use multifunctional dresses: Hey ladies, it’s nice to dress up a little, but why not pack sundresses that have multiple functions? Pack sundresses with a nice shawl to dress them up at night.  Bring a sarong to wrap around your bathing suit or to give your dress a different look.

Pack a light jacket: Just because your honeymoon is in the warm climate doesn’t mean it can’t get cold at night. Be prepared and bring another layer to keep you warm when the temperatures dip.

Formal: Some dinners might be more formal than others, so be sure to bring at least one dressy outfit.

Weather protection: Are you heading to the Caribbean? It’s a warm weather destination, but it does get cool and it can even rain, so pack a waterproof jacket.

Bug and sun protection: Warm destinations can mean creepy crawlies, so be sure to protect yourself by packing bug repellent or wearing light, long-sleeved clothes. Nothing ruins a honeymoon faster than itchy bug bites. On the other hand, warm destinations mean hot sun and you do not want to be sidelined with a bad sunburn. Bring some high SPF sunscreen and be sure to use it. Be sure to protect your eyes from the sun too, with a good pair of sunglasses.

Pack for an excursion: Warm weather honeymoons often come with excursions, especially if you’re staying at an all-inclusive honeymoon resort. Make sure that if you have any excursions planned, you check with the resort on exactly what you need to bring, so you don’t overpack. That is, unless you’re really not doing anything except laying on the beach.

Unmentionables: We can mention them because, after all, it is your honeymoon, so be sure to bring something special to wear at night, whatever that means to you.

Of course, there’s an entire list of items you should carry on vacation, such as medications, clothing, accessories, and so much more. Make sure you take your time and pack everything you need in order to thoroughly enjoy your honeymoon.

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