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When To Start Planning Your Honeymoon

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Finally, your wedding date is set. Congratulations. With that comes the excitement, anticipation, preparation, and some level of anxiety. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realize that your wedding will be soon followed by your honeymoon. Honeymoon – the time where you get to enjoy your first official romantic getaway with your new partner. Indeed, as a couple, you might anticipate the honeymoon as much as the wedding. It’s exciting, but it can all go wrong due to late or poor preparation. So, when do you begin preparations to enjoy the perfect honeymoon experience? A month before your wedding date? 2 months? 6? 10?

The key to a successful, enjoyable, and memorable honeymoon experience is early planning. After several months of wedding planning, your honeymoon is a time to relax, and timely planning is necessary for its success. It is generally agreed that honeymoon arrangements should begin as soon as wedding arrangements begin, regardless of whether your engagement is to last up to a year or is just for 6 months. Thus, honeymoon arrangements and wedding planning do go hand-in-hand.

The first stage of planning is the decision-making stage. As soon as a wedding date is set, a date for your honeymoon should also be decided upon. Next, decide how much you are willing to spend on this lovely time out. Setting a budget this early that fits in with your plans prevents you from ‘eating’ into your honeymoon budget during wedding preparations. This is followed by a decision on where you both desire to spend your honeymoon. Decide where you want to go and what you want to do, or at least have an idea what it is you want. Then, you want to find a travel agency that fits with your plans. A travel agent can also help if your plans are not yet definitive.

Following that decision above, it is now time to research your travel destination a little bit more. What hotels are good and within your budget? Making a hotel reservation this early allows you to pursue other arrangements and, more importantly, prevents your preferred hotel from being overbooked at the time of your honeymoon. Then comes the time to consider your means of transportation. Flight? Trains? Car rentals? Cruise? Most airlines begin reservations 8 to 11 months in advance. Interestingly, early bookings give you better prices. Traveling abroad to a foreign speaking country? Why not begin learning the basics of your destination’s language at this time.

The last four to six months before your honeymoon (assuming you had close to a year of planning) is time to crosscheck all you have done above, and do those you are yet to. It is also time to make dinner or restaurant reservations, depending on the restaurant and how bookings are made. You now want to ensure your travel documents are ready or intact. Find out what documents you need for your destination, and get them ready. Do not forget to arrange for your travel insurance.

The last two to three months should be spent making more specific arrangements. Are you going on a tour? Snorkeling? Theater? Scuba diving? Excursions? Go make the reservations. Do you need a camera (of course you do!)? Check yours or buy one now. The last one month is ideal for shopping and other arrangements necessary for your romantic trip, such as luggage, prescriptions, etc. You also want to confirm your arrangements yet again.

Yes, you too can enjoy a near perfect honeymoon; we all want to! Start early, plan early, book early.

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