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How To Have a Stress Free Vacation While Traveling With Kids

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How To Have a Stress Free Vacation While Traveling With Kids

Summer is upon us. What it means for many families is fun times together, family vacations, and road trips.  Vacations meant for relaxation! A time to recover from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Enjoying your vacation with your partner is fun, but it is even more so when travelling with kids. Travelling with kids adds an extra dimension to your vacation but comes with its stress. So how can you keep your vacation stress-free even as travel with kids? We put together some tips to help you ease your planning process.

Plan Early

As with everything else, early planning is a key to a successful family vacation. Make your reservations and buy your tickets some time in advance. This is even more important if you plan to travel in busy travel periods like summer, December holidays, or Spring breaks.

Plan as a Family

Yes, as parents, you know what’s best for your kids. Or do you? When choosing a family vacation destination, you don’t necessarily do. Remember, both you and your kids are meant to enjoy this time together. So, include your kids in the destination selection phase of planning. Decide on places that hold an appeal for both you and your kids, with everyone making an input and coming to a unanimous decision.

Schedule for Flexibility and Spontaneity

It’s natural to desire everything to be well planned. You want to take a family picnic at 3 on Monday, spend two full days at the theme parks, enjoy a dinner at 6 at that famous new restaurant… Stop! Planning is essential but over-scheduling (excessive planning) is counterproductive. In the end, it will leave you feeling tired, keeping you anxious and frustrated as you try to meet up with your schedule. Set your priorities and allow for spontaneity. Stop and breath, you are on vacation after all!

Teach and Teach Again!

Having your kids getting out of control while on vacation  is a major source of headaches for parents. Why not limit this by teaching your kids some travel etiquette well in advance. If you have little kids, you don’t want to struggle with keeping them in line to take their bath, brush their teeth, and force them to sleep. You also don’t want your teenager walking off and coming back well into the night. Set the rules and educate your kids on the importance of such rules. Allow for a little flexibility, but be firm. You’ll save yourself so much stress and embarrassment.

Plan for Decompression Time and Downtime

Travelling with kids is a completely different experience from travelling as a couple or travelling alone. Realize that your kids will get exhausted more easily than you do. Plan for this. Allow time for younger children to take a nap and give your teens some much needed space. You also want to give room for a full day of rest before and after your vacation if possible.

Finally, keep in mind that everything cannot be perfect. Unexpected events can change your schedule. That also adds to the fun while on vacation. Enjoy and create memories as a family.

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